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Back pain in everyday life

The back has to withstand a lot every day.

Sitting incorrectly, lying incorrectly, even supporting excess weight – every day our backs have to take on various additional strains. Over the years, damage can develop and lead to problems and pain in old age. Other complaints, on the other hand, can occur early and acutely. In addition, various illnesses, such as a herniated disc, back pain and pain in the lower back, are also more likely to cause problems.

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Types of back problems

Back pain when getting up or at night is not uncommon.

What helps with back pain?

Regular exercise and sports strengthen the back.

In addition to regular sports that are easy on the joints, such as swimming, other factors are decisive for back health. For example, correct sitting and a mattress that is adapted to individual needs for a healthy body position. This helps take extra strain off your back and prevents pain.

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Sport and exercise contribute to a healthy and strong back.

The best mattress to combat back pain

A good mattress provides relaxation and comfort when lying down and thus enables a deep sleep

A deep sleep is essential for your back to recover optimally. The best mattress for combating back pain is one that suits you as an individual. Generally speaking, a good mattress supports your spine so that it can move while maintaining its curved shape. In this way the discs also recover. It is important that the body is supported along its entire length without tension or pressure points when lying down and sleeping.

A good mattress also ensures healthy conditions for sleep by regulating heat and moisture. Any moisture released must be absorbed and processed quickly, because damp conditions can lead to restless sleep.

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The optimal sleeping position

Do not sleep in a "sitting" position.

Back, stomach or side sleeper

It depends on the natural S-shape of the spine.

Whether you sleep on your back, stomach or side, your spinal column must run in a straight line as far as the neck muscles, seen from the side. To avoid unpleasant tension and pain in your neck, you should pay attention to the shoulder comfort zone when choosing a mattress. The material properties are also important: high-quality materials such as natural latex and sheep's wool provide additional relaxation during the night.

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High quality materials

Swisswool ensures that conditions for sleeping are optimal, helping you to rest well at night.

Frequently asked questions

This cannot be answered in general terms, because everyone has individual needs and requirements when it comes to their back. It is important that the mattress fits your body, that you sink in in the right places and are well supported at the same time

Every person has an individual physique. As such, the degree of firmness of the mattress should also be tailored exactly to your needs.

Check the firmness of your mattress. At best, it may be that, in certain areas, there is too much or too little give. It is also possible that your pillow is not a good match for your mattress.

Quite the contrary: the degree of firmness of a mattress is actually very important. Depending on your body shape, a firmer or softer mattress will be appropriate.

Yes, because the sleeping system only works optimally if the mattress and the slatted frame are matched.

We recommend replacing a mattress after eight to ten years. This is also for hygiene reasons, because every night a person loses about 1 litre of fluid. Over the years a lot of things accumulate in the mattress.

In conjunction with the ETH spin-off company swissbiomechanics and the SportClinic Zürich, the riposa Diagnostic Hub (in Sihlcity, Zurich) is now offering SWISS SLEEP SCIENCE. For the first time, a person’s back and the ergonomically correct bodily position for lying down and sleeping can be scientifically analysed and evaluated using the latest biomechanical measuring devices.

A personal Sleep ID summarises the results.

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You will find the best mattress for back pain with a personal riposa consultation. Arrange a consultation appointment now at the riposa showroom or at your local specialist dealer.