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riposa Circle Sleep® – back support mattresses – produced in Switzerland, recycled in Switzerland.

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For us, sustainability means thinking everything we do through to the end.

This means forging long-term relationships with suppliers and partners, while keeping our channels to them as short as possible. It means a careful and sensible choice of materials. It means a safe working environment for our employees and local production of the products that are as durable as possible. For us, sustainability also means rethinking things. After all, what our environment and society need right now is more appropriate materials, more mindful production methods and contemporary processes.

A new generation of products

"With Circle Sleep, we are breathing life into a new generation of products. At the same time, with a completely new method of mattress production, we combine ergonomic Swiss sleeping comfort with a mattress construction that is optimised for recycling, down to the very finest detail."

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92% of the mattress core goes back into the swiss industrial cycle through circle sleep®

As such, Circle Sleep also stands for a completely new type of material engineering and a new type of mattress manufacturing process, which we have rethought and redesigned in close cooperation with long-standing industry partners – from creation to disposal. What that means: We already have the entire life cycle of the mattress in mind when we manufacture it. Together with our network of selected specialists, we manage to recycle 92% of the mattress core in Switzerland and feed the resulting primary and secondary raw materials back into Swiss industry.

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circle sleep® back support mattresses for ergonomic, sustainable lying

The two Circle Sleep mattress models «reVive» and «reActive» each embody proven Swiss Sleep technology in their own unique way. What do the models have in common? With their Circle Sleep design, they put them emphasis on the efficient use of resources and materials in an unprecedented, sustainable way.

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reFoam - a novel, practical material.

riposa reFoam is an important component of every Circle Sleep back support mattress. This sustainable foam composition is manufactured in a newly developed process, in close cooperation with Swiss material specialists. reFoam is based on carefully selected quality foam elements that would be discarded in the conventional manufacturing process. Combined with specially developed engineering, these elements can be used to create a new raw material, which now features for the first time in the Circle Sleep product line.

riposa Circle Sleep® – back support mattresses – produced in Switzerland, recycled in Switzerland.

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The sensual green model

reVive - For a soft feel when lying down and a good conscience

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Order online, free delivery

The two Circle Sleep reVive and reActive back support mattresses are available in different dimensions online from We recommend that you call the riposa sleep specialists for advice beforehand or try out the mattresses in our showroom in Bilten.

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Which slatted base fits the Circle Sleep back support mattresses?

Back support mattresses and slatted bases are coordinated at riposa – and for good reason: only when perfectly combined do you get the full effect. At riposa, everything goes with everything else, so the latest generation of back support mattresses can also be combined with all riposa slatted bases.

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The liberating recycling miracle

reActive - for active support, a sense of freedom when lying down and relaxed nights

Lieferung direkt ins Schlafzimmer

Delivery directly to your bedroom – for carefree dreams right from the start

Your Circle Sleep mattress comes with the riposa complete package: we deliver your back support mattress to your bedroom free of charge and take care of assembly and support.