Product teaser opera 2000x1600px


The queen. Particularly high-quality materials for a unique “cuddle effect” even on sensitive pressure points in the shoulder area.

Supernova 2021 product teaser 2000x1600px


The athletic model. For a dynamic lying sensation. Ideal for people with broad shoulders and an athletic build, as well as for people with a hollow back or back pain.

Grandessa 2021 product teaser 2000x1600px


The classic model. Back support mattress with active lumbar support for a particularly ergonomic body posture in any sleeping position. A safe choice!

Product teaser bellissima 2000x1600px


The miracle of comfort. Gentle latex surface and special shoulder and neck zone for a relaxing sleep experience, even on sensitive pressure points.

Product teaser goldspring 2000x1600px


The relaxer. With a pocket spring core and comfort surface that respond gently to body contours and movements. For a wonderfully relaxing sleep.

Product teaser touchspring 2000x1600px


The all-rounder. With a pocket spring core, active back support and shoulder relief. Ideal for any sleeping position and for neck and back problems.

Product teaser superspring 2020 2000x1600px


The budget trump card. Exceptionally durable and comfortable all-round model with a pocket spring core at a fair price.

Day Dream Luxe 2022 product teaser 2000x1600px


The contemporary one for every back. Inspired by the ergonomic lying comfort of the classic Grandessa, made with contemporary, sustainable materials.


In sleep we seek rest and recuperation. For this to be possible, we must lie on the mattress in the correct anatomical position and feel completely comfortable. Only in this way can the body find peace and deep relaxation. With the riposa ASL concept, each of our mattresses guarantees anatomically correct lying and optimal sleep quality. And with the SBS shoulder balance system, every mattress offers a comfortable fit for the shoulder area with an active shoulder zone. Your shoulders sink into the mattress so that your shoulders and neck are gently balanced and relaxed. The hips and lumbar area of the back are actively supported and gently raised. riposa mattresses are created according to the latest developments in sleep research and provide the highest level of relaxation and regeneration. Both body position and sleeping environment are perfectly regulated – which means you can enjoy a healthy and restful sleep. All riposa mattresses are manufactured in the Glarus and riposa can respond to your individual wishes thanks to short distances. For example, all models are also available as anti-allergy mattresses for allergy sufferers.