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Opera Superluxe

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With a removable down topper featuring ActiveClima technology.

From CHF 3'680.—

Riposa OPERA SUPERLUXE Detail Oberflächen Keder Y4 A8372

riposa Opera Superluxe mattress

The queen of the riposa back support mattresses combines hightech features and natural materials. It offers supreme sleeping comfort thanks to the selection of the finest materials and special manufacturing techniques.

The Opera Superluxe model offers a particularly soft surface feeling thanks to the integrated topper.


Natural materials & ergonomics

The sustainable Swiss Green core with (metal-free) integrated foam boxes in the lumbar region – supplemented with horsehair and viscoelastic elements in the shoulder zone – ensures an extremely elegant, ergonomic sleeping experience.

Natural Connect-System for absolute comfort

Thanks to the innovative Natural Connect-System, the body melts into the high-quality core surface and benefits from finely dosed pressure point relief.

Lumbar comfort

The metal-free foam boxes and horsehair inlays complement the ergonomic back comfort in the mattress core made of Swiss EvoPore VHRC.

Shoulder Balance System SBS

The Shoulder Balance System consists of a viscoelastic element for gentle shoulder and neck relaxation.

Perfectly integrated & exquisite surface feeling

The integrated topper, an invention by riposa, provides special surface comfort and is removable. The fluffy new goose down in the topper filling guarantees the ultimate sleep experience. The body feels as if it is melting into the mattress surface. The microclimate capsules incorporated into the surface ensure a cool welcome as you lie down.


Also available in an allergy version at no extra charge.

Opera kern look inside
Swiss Green-Foam (EvoPore-VHRC).
Riposa OPERA Kern Detail Schulterzone
Shoulder-Balance-System (SBS) consisting of viscoelastic inserts.
Riposa OPERA Kern Detail Manufaktur Y4 A8457
Horsehair-enhanced Swiss Green foam.
Riposa OPERA Kern Detail Manufaktur Y4 A8397
Natural Connect-System CS: A combination of natural latex and a Swisswool knitted fabric, inserted into the foam base.
Riposa OPERA SUPERLUXE Detail Oberflächen Keder Y4 A8372
Eudermic riposa cover material with silk and a gorgeous linen welt.
Riposa OPERA SUPERLUXE Topper Cover
SST manufacture with double zip for topper and cover.
Riposa OPERA SUPERLUXE Detail Lyocell Textil Y4 A8575
Topper with ActiveClima Technology.

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From CHF 2'780.—

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