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Riposa OPERA Detail Oberfläche Y4 A8305

riposa Opera mattress

The back support mattress for back, stomach and side sleepers. The unique Swiss Green Foam meets the ergonomic, optical and climatic requirements of our Swiss Sleep Technology. It is characterised by extremely high elasticity and stability, is additionally refined with horsehair and offers particularly active support.


Bed climate and longevity

The high-quality Swiss Green Foam in combination with the Natural Connect System CS, consisting of swisswool knitted fabrics and Talalay latex, ensures that the mattress is particularly hygienic and durable.


Ergonomic Swiss Green foam boxes featuring exquisite horsehair and offering active back support.

Ergonomic body posture

Viscoelastic insert as shoulder balance system ensures gentle shoulder and neck relaxation.

High-quality cover

The fabric cover with silk components is removable and washable.

Anti-allergic material

A washable version with a climate fibre lining is available for allergy sufferers.

Opera kern look inside
Swiss Green-Foam (EvoPore-VHRC).
Riposa OPERA Kern Detail Schulterzone
Shoulder-Balance-System (SBS) consisting of viscoelastic inserts.
Riposa OPERA Kern Detail Manufaktur Y4 A8457
Horsehair-enhanced Swiss Green foam.
Riposa OPERA Kern Detail Manufaktur Y4 A8397
A novel Natural Connect-System CS structure made from Vita Talalay Natural Latex and precious swisswool fabric.
Riposa OPERA Detail Cover
Cover with silk is removable, washable and individually replaceable.

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