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The toppers from riposa for personal mattress finetuning. For an even better lying experience.

Superspring Topper

With soft smart cell core, surrounded by high-quality HealthGuard comfort fibre.

From CHF 480.—

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Goldspring topper

With three-zone core for a soft surface and a gentle welcome to the body.

From CHF 920.—

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Double Face Topper

Two in one: gel and premium foam

From CHF 650.—

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Down topper

ActiveClima function for a velvety-soft, natural lying experience and a new feeling of freshness.

From CHF 900.—

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Toppers and cushions

In sleep we seek rest and recuperation. For this to be possible, we must lie on the mattress in the correct anatomical position and feel completely comfortable. Only in this way can the body find peace and deep relaxation. A mattress topper helps to achieve optimum fine tuning in sleeping comfort. The loose toppers can be perfectly combined with the various mattresses from riposa and provide even more comfort while sleeping. The mattress toppers are available with a firm core or filled with down. Special anti-allergic material versions are available for allergy sufferers.
You can use an adjustable pillow to place your head in the optimal position. The amount of filling in the core, which also contains down feathers, can be adjusted in riposa pillows. This means they are also perfectly suitable for sensitive necks.