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Not all sleep is the same

It is possible to achieve deeply regenerative sleep and wake up free of discomfort with a sleep system (bed, mattress and slatted base) that is properly adapted to us and our bodies. Due to our different physiques and bodily proportions, health problems and body tone, not to mention sleeping habits and ways of moving, every human being has a different biomechanical starting point and thus specific requirements when lying down. An expert consultation and/or a back and lying analysis can determine this individual starting point.

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When do we recommend an expert consultation or analysis?

If you are suffering from anything from simple complaints to severe/chronic pain in your back, neck, shoulders pelvis, legs or knees.

To pinpoint the root cause of chronic back and joint pain.

To optimise your personal biomechanics.

To enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep, free of discomfort.

To ensure more regenerative sleep and improved performance.

To obtain recommendations for suitable therapeutic measures.

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Step by step to an individual, ergonomic sleep system

1. Analysis of biomechanical measurements in lying and standing positions by an experienced movement scientist

2. Your personal sleep ID is determined in order to develop an individual sleep system tailored to you

3. riposa expert consultation & recommendation
A) Mattress cover: material & design
B) Mattress core architecture & level of firmness
C) Supporting slatted base

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4. Mattress testing to try out different solutions on site in a peaceful setting

5. Detailed report recording the results and findings with recommendations for further therapeutic measures or training exercises

6. Free delivery and adjustment of your individual sleep system

7. Disposal of the old bed structure

8. Aftercare by an assigned contact person

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Ihre Vorteile

+ PRIVATE ATMOSPHERE: analysis and expert consultation in facilities reserved exclusively for you.

: rapid, free delivery directly to your bedroom
(incl. free and professional disposal of the old bed structure).

+ ASSEMBLY: installation of the new bed system by trained professionals in line with your sleep ID.

aftercare provided by an assigned contact person.

integrated offer

Analysis, tailored advice & service
  • CLASSIC CHF 250 (duration 90 minutes)
  • PAIN CHF 420 (duration 120 minutes)
  • EXPERT CHF 630 (duration 180 minutes)

Every type of analysis includes: needs assessment, lying analysis, pressure measurement, line of the back when lying down, habitual posture, sleep ID, evaluation and consultation to devise an individual sleep system, mattress testing to try out different solutions, free home delivery after 2 weeks, disposal of old bed structure incl. after-sales service.

The pain and expert analysis consists of a 3D posture analysis and a measurement of muscular activity and/or of maximum isometric force. A detailed report is then written containing results and recommendations.

CHF 100 reduction per person on the selected analysis

When you purchase a sleep system worth at least CHF 2,500/person, the cost of the analysis will be adjusted accordingly.

Note on the analysis: prices are based not only on the assessments carried out, but primarily on the duration of the analysis.

Make an appointment

Do you have any questions or want make an appointment? Call us on 055 619 30 00 or write to us:

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Private expert consultation & mattress testing without analysis

Are you looking for a new sleep system, but don’t need an analysis for the time being? We will be happy to advise you at the Swiss Sleep Science competence centre. Come and take advantage of a comprehensive expert consultation in a medical environment. Please make an appointment by e-mail or telephone (055 619 30 00). The expert consultation is free of charge.

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The Swiss Sleep Science competence centre

riposa and swissbiomechanics combine the areas of movement & sleep in a completely new way under the umbrella of Swiss Sleep Science at Sihlcity in Zurich, where you will find a complete range of ergonomic lying and individual sleep systems.