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Sleep is different

Due to our different physiques and bodily proportions, health problems and body tone, not to mention sleeping habits and ways of moving, every human being has a different biomechanical starting point and thus specific requirements when lying down.

Personal back and lying analysis

In conjunction with the ETH spin-off company swissbiomechanics and the SportClinic Zürich, the riposa Diagnostic Hub (in Sihlcity, Zurich) is now offering SWISS SLEEP SCIENCE. For the first time, a person’s back and the ergonomically correct bodily position for lying down and sleeping can be scientifically analysed and evaluated using the latest biomechanical measuring devices.

Tailor-Made Sleep ID

This analysis results in a personal sleep ID, which brings together the most important basic information about the individual’s biomechanics when lying down. This sleep ID serves as the basis for a subsequent consultation with experts to devise an individual sleeping system. Back support mattresses and sleeping systems from the riposa Diagnostic Hub can also be tested.

When is it worth having an analysis done?
  • If you are suffering from anything from simple complaints to severe/chronic pain in your back, neck, pelvis or knees.
  • To pinpoint the root cause of chronic back pain.
  • To optimise your personal biomechanics.For better recovery during sleep.
  • In order to obtain recommendations of suitable therapeutic measures.

integrated offer

Analysis, tailored advice & service


Needs assessment, lying analysis, pressure measurement, line of the back when lying down, evaluation and consultation to devise a tailored sleeping system, trying out different solutions, home delivery after 2 weeks inc. after-sales service

PAIN CHF 420.-

In addition to the CLASSIC option: Search for the root cause of individual complaints, habitual posture, 3D posture analysis, measurement of mobility


In addition to the PAIN option: EMG measurement, resting tone & muscle activity, maximum isometric force in the torso

Aus dem riposa Insider

Auch Skistar Wendy Holdener setzt beim Thema Schlaf und Regeneration auf die Rücken- und Liegeanalyse von Swiss Sleep Science... weiterlesen

Wendy komprimiert 2
Personal Advice

riposa bietet auf Voranmeldung einen speziellen Beratungsdienst an. Es wird eine gründliche Analyse der persönlichen Bedürfnisse im Showroom des Produktionsstandortes in Bilten durchgeführt, wo ein Probeliegen auch für Spezialfälle möglich ist. Sollten nach der Installation der Produkte Fragen oder Probleme auftauchen, hilft unser Swiss Sleep Service gerne schnell und unkompliziert.

Make an appointment

Email us at or call us on 055 619 30 00. We are happy to arrange an appointment or answer any questions you may have.

Über Swiss Sleep Science

In Kooperation mit dem ETH Spin-off swissbiomechanics ist im riposa Diagnostic Hub ( beim Sihlcity, Zürich ) das Angebot SWISS SLEEP SCIENCE entstanden. Erstmalig werden der Rücken und die ergonomisch richtige Körperlagerung im Liegen und im Schlaf mit den neuesten Mess-Geräten der Biomechanik wissenschaftlich analysiert und ausgewertet.

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