riposa Swiss Sleep

Head, hand and heart...

We put a lot of experience, technology and passion into our unique pieces for beautiful, healthy sleeping.

All is well with a good back....

More than 70 employees combine craftsmanship and high-tech on a daily basis – everything to ensure a strong back.

Wake up to sleeping....

If you relax deeply at night, you will wake up fresh and have more energy for the day. A long-term healthy cycle

RP Boxs KV 03 quer 133 c

Boxspring bed Slow

Handmade in a smart SlowTech lightweight design.

The riposa Swiss Sleep Technology

Perfectly coordinated technology for a healthy, restful sleep.

With riposa Swiss Sleep Technology (SST), various components work together perfectly so that you can sleep healthily night after night and wake up rested, fit and full of energy in the morning. The ASL principle (adjust, support and ventilate) developed according to Swiss Sleep Technology guarantees fine-tuning for anatomically correct lying and a noticeable support effect in the lumbar vertebra area with point elasticity. The ventilation ducts in the mattress core together with the pads made of virgin sheep's wool, silk or climate fibre ensure a finely regulated climate.

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Bed Ais

A fascinating interplay between clear lines and soft curves