Opt for a riposa Boxspring bed: make it automatic, but make it nice!

Published on Mar 18, 2024
1 Aurora Relax 1800x1800px

We believe that once you have tested an automatic bed, you will never want to be without one again. Beds that you can adjust automatically at the touch of a button are incomparably easy and effortless to use – and offer a whole new level of personalised sleeping comfort. That’s why riposa has carefully redesigned and relaunched the two “Aurora Relax” and “Slow Relax” Boxspring automatic beds. The best thing about the beds? You can’t see the technology inside them.

They are simple and beautiful...

– and visually almost indistinguishable from their “classic” siblings without automatic features: the Aurora Relax and the Slow Relax. They mark the start of a new era in the history of automatic beds. For far too long, automatic beds have had the reputation of not being able to compete with “ordinary” beds or designer beds from a design perspective.

2b Aurora Relax 1600x2000px

Not any more.

The Aurora Relax captivates our senses with its visual appeal: thanks to its light, elegant proportions and “Mule” floating feet (or “Cube” base), the Boxspring bed appears to float weightlessly above the floor.
3b Slow Relax 1600x2000px

The Slow Relax also stands out for its lightness:

it skilfully combines modern, urban style with a smart SlowTech lightweight construction, making it a puristic, sculptural eye-catching feature in any bedroom.
Made in Glarus – from A to Z

Both Boxspring automatic beds are manufactured from A to Z in riposa’s Boxspring factory in Oberurnen. Each bed bears the personal signature of an experienced employee.

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