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Supernova Luxe

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With a removable, washable cover.

From CHF 2'580.—

Riposa OPERA LUXE Detail Climaborder Handgriff Y4 A8360

riposa Supernova Luxe mattress

The ergonomic design of the mattress core according to the ASL principle ensures harmonious body positioning and allows the shoulders and back to relax optimally. In the Luxe version, the Climaborder also optimises the bed climate.


Back and shoulder relaxation system (BRS and SRS):

The unique back and shoulder relaxation system has an optimum relaxing and regenerating effect on both back and shoulders.

Silky soft surface

The high-tech Bodypore surface ist soft and cosy and ensures an optimal bed climate for a feeling of complete security and protection when sleeping.

Vertical and horizontal ventilation for a pleasant bed climate

The breathable cover material with silk as well as the horizontal and vertical ventilation channels in the mattress core remove moisture, ensuring natural hygiene and comfort.

Anti-allergic material

A washable version with a climate-fibre lining is available as an alternative to the swisswool lining for allergy sufferers.


The cover is removable and washable. Chemical cleaning is also possible as an alternative.

Aesthetics & dimensional stability

The exclusive mattress cover with the fine linen piping incorporates additional manufacturing details and gives the Supernova Luxe a particularly sophisticared look. The rectangular mattress shape is preserved in the long term thanks to the linen edging and the reinforcement of the side base.

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Supernova Core
Schulter Relax System SRS MG 5658
Shoulder relaxation system (SRS)
Rücken Relax System RRS Kern Supernova
Back relaxation system
Cover abnehmbar LUXE MG 9831
Cover is removable

Further information of the Supernova Luxe back mattress is available here:



From CHF 2'280.—

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Supernova Superluxe

With a removable, washable down topper and cover.

From CHF 3'480.—

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