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Published on Sep 1, 2020

We live in a consumeristic society: anything that no longer works is disposed of and replaced. And this isn’t quite right. In most cases, a thorough inspection and expert repair could breathe new life into the old product.

The display of the smartphone is cracked, the battery is weak: we need a replacement. This is a practice that has now become established for many everyday objects. And it makes little sense, neither from an ecological nor an economical point of view. Our credo is therefore: repair rather than replace whenever possible.


We always find a solution.

A moment of inattention while moving, an overturned cup of coffee: minor damage happens quickly. Our customer service department quickly finds the right solution based on its competence and years of experience. If telephone assistance is not sufficient, our well-trained team of technicians will be on the spot. Whenever possible, the defective product is repaired on site. In the event of serious damage, a more detailed inspection at the riposa factory is occasionally required. During this time we are responsible for the replacement of the missing part.

Riposa FLEX Detail Manufaktur 07 B6051
We carry out repairs professionally directly at your home. Or at one of our three locations in Glarus.


Fully functional again. And good for the climate, too.

High-quality products can usually be repaired professionally – so after thorough inspection and reconditioning, riposa products are fully functional and as good as new. This is easy on your wallet and the environment: repairing is usually cheaper and more ecological, as important raw materials for the replacement product can be saved. A repair is therefore almost always worthwhile.

Despite all efforts, a complete replacement of the product cannot always be avoided. We are committed to ensuring that this exchange is as resource-efficient as possible.

RP Glarus 21 449 a
High quality materials
At riposa, high-quality, durable materials are used.

Efficient and effective

Forward-looking work methods – from the warehouse to production.

The stain on the mattress cover is still visible despite washing and a single cover component needs to be replaced? We do precision work for this type of repair. Even individual parts of the mattress can be replaced thanks to millimetre-precise production.
Components of slatted bases are always in stock – replacement is guaranteed within a few days.

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Precision work
To ensure that the replacement cover fits, measurements are taken during production with millimetre precision.

Proper disposal

When repairing is no longer worthwhile.

After many hours of sleep, the mere replacement of defective springs and wooden elements is sometimes no longer sufficient: The slatted base has reached the end of its useful life and must be replaced. Divided into individual parts and sorted according to material groups, all Flex components are disposed of professionally. Durable materials such as aluminium are recycled and thus given a second life.

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