Anatomically correct lying position

Published on Sep 26, 2019

If your lying position is anatomically correct, you sleep better and benefit your back's health.

For a calmer and halthier sleep

Anatomically correct lying not only promotes calmer and healthier sleep, but also strengthens the back and keeps it noticeably healthy. Correct lying promotes relaxation of the back muscles and initiates optimal regeneration of the spine at night. This allows the spinal column, which is under a lot of strain during the day, to recover properly: the intervertebral discs expand and absorb nutrient fluid from the surrounding tissue.

The correct lying position

Incorrect sleeping posture, on the other hand, can lead to tension, back pain and stress with long-term consequences. From the point of view of back medicine, two body zones are particularly important for anatomically correct lying: the lumbar vertebrae and the shoulder area. That is why riposa back support mattresses actively support the lumbar vertebrae during sleep, while the shoulder area can gently sink in.