Boxspring bed Slow

Slow skilfully combines modern urban style with a smart SlowTech lightweight design. All of the materials are intelligently combined, giving the bed its clean, sculptural appearance.

RP Boxs KV 01 hoch 196 a
Created and manufactured with the greatest care in our development and craft studio in the Glarus region.
Slow Holzkonstruktion 191030 154727
Base bed in a light-looking, yet highly stable wooden construction with embedded barrel pocket springs that gently absorb the movements of the upper bed.
Slow Fuss

SlowLiving look

The finely balanced proportions and the urban design language make the Slow a real eye-catcher.

Kopfteil v2


Two headboard sizes are available for individual bed configurations : a shorter version («Short») and a taller version («Long»).

Your unique piece

Turn your Slow into a truly unique piece – from the structure to the fabric colour.

Choose the matching solid wooden legs and high-quality upholstery from the riposa Slow Collection for your Slow.

Slow fuss 1 woodlight product slider 1600x2000px
Option Wood Light
Slow fuss 2 nightblue product slider 1600x2000px
Option Night Blue
Slow fuss 3 grey product slider 1600x2000px
Option Grey
Slow fuss 4 black product slider 1600x2000px
Option Black


The choice is yours.

Slow Stoffkollektion 701 Daisy
701 Daisy
Slow Stoffkollektion 702 Cactus Final
702 Cactus
Slow Stoffkollektion 703 Fox
703 Fox
Slow Stoffkollektion 704 Coral
704 Coral
Slow Stoffkollektion 705 Tin
705 Tin
Slow Stoffkollektion 706 Sterling
706 Sterling
Slow Stoffkollektion 707 Pebble
707 Pebble
Slow Stoffkollektion 708 Jump
708 Jump
Slow Detail Dress Change 1 Final

Dress Change

The cover of the Slow base bed and headboard is removable.

Further information about the Slow boxspring bed can be downloaded here:

The Slow boxspring bed can be combined with the Superspring, Touchspring and Goldspring upper beds. It is also possible to combine it with a riposa back support mattress.

Opera superluxe look inside

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