Day 'n' Night: riposa launches smart back support mattresses for every lifestyle – 100% produced in Switzerland

Published on Sep 9, 2022
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For early birds, day dreamers and night owls – the new Day ‘n’ Night line from riposa is a mattress line for everyone thanks to its contemporary dimensions and smart construction. Easy to handle, it is also suitable for any bedroom situation.

Nachhaltiger SMC Schaumstoff des Matratzenmodells Day Dream Quadrat

It is not just the dimensions of the Day ‘n’ Night mattresses that are contemporary

The core of the Day’Dream back support mattress is made of 50% sustainable Micro-Sense SMC foam.
50% sustainable materials

To make the sustainable SMC foam, high-quality, new foam sections are selected from our own production and combined to form a new foam mosaic via a resource-saving process. This is then reintegrated into the Swiss production of the Day’Dream mattresses from riposa.

Dayn Night Matratzen von riposa als Interior Blickfang Quadrat

Fashionable eye-catcher

In our opinion, the aesthetics of products have a positive influence on sleep health.
When a mattress becomes a stylish and eye-catching interior design feature

Both mattress models in the Day ‘n’ Night line are encased in a high-quality cover with silk, a modern houndstooth pattern and a trendy zip. “In everything we do, we put health and innovation first – the same applies to aesthetics. Whether it’s a high-end boxspring bed or an inexpensive sleep system – we are convinced that the beauty of our products and sensible materialisation have a positive influence on overall sleep health,” says Reta Schnellmann, who runs the company with her sister Iva Schnellmann. The mattress cover for the Day ‘n’ Night models is also washable, which is practical and extends the life of the mattresses.

Day 'n' Night back support mattresses from riposa