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Put together the perfect modular sleep system

Deep sleep is essential to ensure optimal recovery of your back. But not all sleep is the same. Height, weight, body tone, sleeping position and sometimes even specific anatomical needs – all these factors have an impact on our cycle of day and night.

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For healthy individual sleep

A back support mattress is only fully effective with the right insert frame – also called a slatted frame. The slatted frame perfectly supports and conforms to the relevant points of each area of the body. That is why we manufacture modular products that can be individually combined to create the perfect sleep system. Everything goes with everything – to ensure healthy individual sleep.

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Swiss Sleep Technology

For us, sleep is fascination and passion. And precisely because we care so much, we consistently combine high-tech elements with hand-made components through research and expertise. We develop our products systematically and incorporate the latest scientific findings into our innovations. At riposa, innovation means Swiss Sleep Technology (SST). This technology ensures a good sleeping position so that we can relax deeply and wake up feeling rested, healthy and fit afterwards. Swiss Sleep Technology is based on the three central criteria of point elasticity, spring elasticity and climate regulation.

From back support mattress to complete sleep system

A mattress is not fully effective unless it is combined with the corresponding insert frame to form an optimal sleep system for a healthy, ergonomically correct body position during sleep.

For deep regeneration

In the right combination, every detail contributes to an anatomically correct lying position. And the decisive functional principles of our mattresses, insert frames and sleep system according to riposa Swiss Sleep Technology (SST) – adjust, support, ventilate – ensure deep regeneration and prevent discomfort.

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Boxspring beds for natural relaxation

Our customisable box spring beds are also designed through and through for ergonomically correct lying and sleeping.

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