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Regular and restful sleep is crucial for ensuring good physical health and full capacity. Or to put it another way: anyone who relaxes deeply during the night will wake up feeling refreshed and with more energy for the day. A healthy cycle in the long term!

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Sleep quality equals quality of life

Our muscles, nervous system and tissue cells regenerate while we are asleep. So if you improve the quality of your sleep, you will also increase your quality of life in the long term – all over again each day.

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Swiss Sleep Technology

With riposa Swiss Sleep Technology (SST), we combine different components as effectively as possible so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep night after night and wake up in the morning feeling rested, fit and full of energy.

A correct body position has a noticeable effect

Correct lying helps spine regeneration. Tendons and muscles relax. The intervertebral discs can expand and absorb nutrient fluid from the surrounding tissue. Lying in an incorrect position, on the other hand, can cause deformities, pain points and other adverse long-term effects.

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Sleep better, relax better

You can relax better if all the points of your body are correctly positioned. A good lying position also increases quality of sleep (depth of sleep). This creates positive interaction between body and mind: the state of the body influences your mental state and vice versa (embodiment).

Healthy sleep with riposa

A personal specialist consultation with riposa will help you to find the ideal mattress and the perfect sleep system to ensure a restful night’s sleep and full capacity during the day. Arrange an appointment now in the riposa showroom or at a specialist dealer near you.

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