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Carbon Flex 2 Luxe

With inclinable head and footrests.

From CHF 2'340.—

riposa Carbon Flex 2 Luxe

The slatted base with a luxury-class slatted base and targeted Doubleflex spring deflection. In addition, this model is equipped with inclinable head and footrests.

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Doubleflex precision springing.
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Doubleflex, the first double-spring technology of its kind.
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Doubleflex with ABS active lumbar support.



The headboard and footrest are individually adjustable.


The Doubleflex body with targeted spring deflection is the top double spring technology of its kind.

Spring system

Doubleflex with active lumbar support (ABS).

Expansion option

This slatted base can be expanded into a bed (riposa Carbon Bed 2 Luxe).

Carbon Bed 2 Luxe
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Side support high quality

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