The floating Boxspring bed with lightweight design.

From CHF 4'450.–


Aurora features impressively lightweight design and a floating appearance. The simple geometric design appears graceful, indulges the senses and promises a feeling of security for restful nights.

RP Aurora Mood 04 199 m Spiegel
The lightweight design creates a modern, abundantly harmonious feeling of space in any bedroom.
RP 09 Aurora conti detail 143 a 96dpi
Aesthetic & functional: The Aurora bed unit is optionally available in an end-to-end design, with a removable cover and non-slip surface.
RP 03 Aurora conti Detail 096 b 96dpi
Padding: Sophisticated buttonwork from our Boxspring studio in the Glarus region.
RP 01 Aurora conti frontal 03 092 b

Floating look

The Aurora is invisibly fixed on the wooden «Cube» base and appears to float above the ground.

RP 08 Aurora relax detail 137 a 96dpi

Option «Stiletto» foot

Optionally, the model can also be fitted with the «Stiletto» grey-black metal foot.

Aurora Deko Winkel 2020 text image section half 1600x2000px


Two headboard sizes are available for custom bed creation: a classic standard height and a taller «Long» version.


The choice is yours.

Aurora Stoffkollektion 619 wing
619 wing
Aurora Stoffkollektion 620 wing velvet
620 wing-velvet
Aurora Stoffkollektion 621 sand
621 sand
Aurora Stoffkollektion 622 warm white
622 warm-white
Aurora Stoffkollektion 623 rock velvet
623 rock-velvet
Aurora Stoffkollektion 624 powder
624 powder
Aurora Stoffkollektion 625 orchid velvet
625 orchid-velvet
Aurora Stoffkollektion 626 light grey
626 light-grey
Aurora Stoffkollektion 627 light anthracite
627 light-anthracite
Aurora Stoffkollektion 628 blackblue
628 blackblue
Aurora Stoffkollektion 629 olive velvet
629 olive-velvet
Aurora Stoffkollektion 630 nut velvet
630 nut-velvet

Available in genuine nappa leather on request.

Further information about the Aurora Boxspring bed can be downloaded here:

The Aurora Boxspring bed can be combined with the Superspring, Touchspring and Goldspring upper beds. It is also possible to combine it with a riposa back support mattress.

Bellissima superluxe look inside

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