FlexBed Aluma

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A bed. With integrated Flex.

The FlexBed Aluma heralds a new era in bedroom furnishing. In the new, bold and stylised product composition, easy handling, smart engineering, ergonomics and timeless design are combined.

The contemporary bed can be customised with fun design elements: depending on the composition, the Aluma becomes either a traditional, formally very restrained bed, or a progressive, fresh bed that is as colourful as a sneaker.

2 Slider Flex Bett Aluma in Sand mit organischem Header Mood 1600x2000px
FlexBed Aluma in «Sand» with organic header.
2 Slider Flex Bett Aluma in Sneaker mit organischem Header Mood 1600x2000px
FlexBed Aluma in «Sneaker» with organic header.
2 Slider Flex Bett Aluma mit Squarewood Header Mood 1600x2000px
FlexBed Aluma with Squarewood header (ash veneer).

FlexBed Aluma from riposa

A bed. With integrated flex.

Bg designer

The designer

The FlexBed Aluma – like the Bed Ais by riposa – was designed by Swiss designer Jörg Boner: «The FlexBed Aluma stands out for its simplicity. Its design approach focuses on the essentials – nothing more, nothing less. Despite this reduction to basic values, it exerts a captivating, formal radiance,» says the designer.

4 Image Ein Bett mit integriertem Flex 1600x2000px

Half bed, half Flex? All bed, all Flex!

In the Aluma model, the slatted base becomes a fully-fledged aluminium bed frame, so it is a bed and slatted base at the same time. Its incomparably lightweight construction makes the FlexBed easy to handle whilst ensuring full ergonomic sleep comfort. Healthy sleep? Easy!


The header of the FlexBed Aluma protects you gently while you sleep and gives you a feeling of security. The sporty, low head element is available either in a round, organic shape or in the Squarewood design.

4 Image Day n Night Rückenmatratzen von riposa 1600x2000px

Day 'n' Night line by riposa

Its contemporary dimensions and lightweight construction makes the Day 'n' Night line the ideal complement to the new FlexBed Aluma.

Day 'n' Night back support mattresses by riposa


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Day'Dream Luxe

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