Guarantee for riposa Circle Sleep® matresses

The riposa sleep system consists of a riposa mattress and a matching riposa slatted base (Flex).

We provide a guarantee on the serviceability of the Circle Sleep® mattress, insofar as the product was purchased within the scope of the guarantee.

Our warranty guarantees that your product does not have any material or processing defects that significantly impair or preclude its usability under normal use.

Duration of the guarantee

We grant a 10-year guarantee on the serviceability of the mattress with normal use. This includes material and processing defects.

The full guarantee is 2 years.

After 24 months, the customer pays a pro rata share of the repair price according to the following percentages:

3+ years: 20%
4+ years: 30%
5+ years: 40%
6+ years: 50%
7+ years: 60%
8+ years: 70%
9+ years: 80%
10+ years: 90%

The riposa price lists at the time of the guarantee claim shall apply as the basis for calculation.

Prerequisites for the guarantee claim

The guarantee claim for mattresses requires the use of a suitable slatted base with flex joints. Older flex designs and flexes with insufficient functionality damage the mattress. No warranty claims can be made if such constructions or unsuitable flexes are used.

The warranty claim is valid from the date of purchase and upon presentation of the purchase receipt. If you have any questions, please contact / 055 619 30 00.

Exclusions from the guarantee

Like everything that is new, our sleeping systems initially have a specific inherent odour. The smell is harmless in every respect and dissipates when the products are used.

Mattresses become noticeably more supple through use and yield to the pressure of the body over time.

As such, normal softness phenomena are not covered by the warranty provisions.

Every riposa product is meticulously manufactured in the canton of Glarus. Slight sizing deviations may occur due to the single-unit production process. This is not a fault, but rather proof of the individual, handcrafted production of your product. A certain amount of wrinkling is also to be expected in textile products.

The guarantee does not cover further damage and impairments due to

  • normal wear and tear, improper handling or improper use
  • excessive use or use for other purposes or strain
  • accidents, force majeure or as a consequence of natural hazards and fire
  • wilful damage and destruction or external interference by people or pets
  • non-compliance with the installation, maintenance and maintenance instructions

Also excluded from the guarantee are transport and damage due to dropping, soiling of all kinds and damage to the cover material caused by sharp, abrasive, angular or pointed objects.