You have made a good choice

In the manufacture of our products, we use only the highest quality materials from carefully selected partners. The principle of proximity is particularly important to us: We manufacture all products in the canton of Glarus and prefer to work with suppliers with whom we are connected by the shortest possible routes. In this way, we ensure quality and sustainability.

However, quality and sustainability are not only in our materials and partnerships. They are found in every single fibre of our own identity. Our employees share a passion for ergonomic and aesthetic sleeping solutions. Surrounded by a pleasant working environment, they combine a lot of manual work with state-of-the-art technology every day – and manufacture each product individually for you with the greatest care.

For us, sustainability also means thinking everything we do through to the end in order to act in line with the closed-loop economy. Circle Sleep represents riposa’s first generation of products that is optimised for recycling, down to the very finest detail. That means that we already have the entire life cycle of the mattress in mind when we manufacture it. Thanks to a completely new type of mattress construction, we manage to recycle 92% of the mattress core in Switzerland and feed the resulting materials back into Swiss industry.

Your riposa Circle Sleep® back support mattress will give you pleasure for a long time. Please observe the following instructions and give your mattress the right care. This enables you to act sustainably and increases the service life of your product.

Regular rotating

Give the high-quality materials of your riposa Circle Sleep mattress the rest they need. The mattress is symmetrical lengthwise and can be rotated clockwise. The underside of the mattress is not suitable for lying on. Monthly rotating increases the life span.


The mattress pads are breathable. Daily airing (by folding back the duvet) allows the mattress to release the moisture stored during the night into the environment and ensures a pleasant bed climate.

Washing / cleaning

Follow the sewn-in care instructions on the inside of the mattress cover.

Washable cover sheet

The cover sheet of your mattress cover can be zipped off and washed or chemically cleaned. The rest of the mattress cover cannot be cleaned and should be left on the mattress.

Please note: Do not vacuum clean the mattress surface. There is a danger, that the suction process may cause the high-quality material to be sucked out of the lining.

Protection / anti-slip

To protect the mattress covers and prevent the mattress from slipping, we recommend using a mattress protector on the slatted base. It is also possible to protect the mattress surface with molleton fabric.

Replacement / repair

You have the option of ordering individual components of the mattress (cover sheets or entire mattress covers) separately. We will be happy to advise you personally on 055 619 30 00 or at


For hygienic and ergonomic reasons, we recommend replacing the mattress after 8–10 years.


Every riposa product is meticulously manufactured in the canton of Glarus. Slight sizing deviations may occur due to the single-unit production process. This is not a fault, but rather proof of the individual, handcrafted production of your product. A certain amount of wrinkling is also to be expected in textile products.