• riposa FLEX 4 AUTOMAT

    The lightweight aluminum bed system adjustable to all sitting and reclining positions
    riposa FLEX 4 AUTOMAT
  • riposa FLEX 2

    The lightweight aluminum slatted base with adjustable head and footrests
    riposa FLEX 2
  • riposa FLEX 1

    The lightweight aluminum slatted base with adjustable headrest
    riposa FLEX 1
  • riposa FLEX 0

    The lightweight aluminum slatted base
    riposa FLEX 0
  • Swiss high tech alu construction Swiss Sleep Technology SST
  • Fitted height 7 cm
  • Total height 9 cm
  • 20 mm spring deflection
  • Multi-layered, pre-stressed beechwood spring slats with long-lasting flexibility
  • 28 riposa fatigue-resistant SST double spring joints
  • Self-regulating shoulder-balance-system SBS with a flexible spring element and soft spring slats
  • Customisable middle zone with precise firmness settings
  • Lumber support zone reinforced with high-tech fibreglass
  • 100 % sleep surface
  • riposa FLEX models with a width of 118 cm and 138 cm are reinforced (13 mm spring slats)
  • All riposa FLEX models wider than 158 cm are produced in two individually adjustable parts, with adjustable middle-foot height
Technische Details

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