Sleep comfort

An investment in your health – resulting from years of research and development

Healthy sleep
elixir of life


Sleep is just as essential for us as eating and drinking. We need to sleep so that our muscles, nervous system and cellular tissue can regenerate. That’s why we spend nearly one third of our lives sleeping!
Regular, restful sleep is a prerequisite for our physical health and ability to perform. Sleep is the no. 1 factor for good health.
Improving the quality of your sleep also improves your quality of life. For healthy sleep, a bed has to fulfil basic requirements. It should
1. facilitate deep relaxation 2. allow the body to rest in the correct position


A bed tailored to your individual needs significantly enhances your quality of sleep. When your body is positioned correctly on the mattress, you can relax faster and more completely. The more relaxed we are when lying in bed, the better and deeper our sleep will be. The mattress must therefore adjust to the contours of your body as you sleep and provide the support and microclimate control the body needs.


A healthy back


An anatomically correct position in bed not only enables restful, healthy sleep. It is also extremely important for a healthy back. It promotes relaxation of the back muscles and induces optimal regeneration of the spinal column during the night – the time when our backs finally have the chance to recuperate from the strain they are under during the day. The intervertebral discs can then extend and absorb nutrients from the surrounding tissue. Sleeping in the correct body position helps keep your back strong and healthy.
The wrong body position can cause muscle tension, back pain and stress that can have long-term negative effects. Medically speaking, two zones are particularly important for an anatomically correct sleep position: the lumbar and shoulder areas. The lumbar region has to be actively supported and gently lifted during sleep, while the shoulders should sink gently downwards.


Medically tested


When it comes to caring for your back, we have extensive, unique know-how. We work closely with engineers, physicians and medical specialists. Our back support mattresses are tested by medical institutions and specialists – and recommended by them.


Our concept: Contouring, Support and Ventilation


Contouring, support and ventilation – those are the key functional principles identified through the SWISS SLEEP Technology SST developed by riposa which determine the quality of a mattress. A good mattress should gently conform to the body’s contours in the shoulder area. At the same time, it should actively support the lumbar region of the back. And it should allow for good ventilation and microclimate control.
Our back support mattresses optimally fulfil all of these requirements. They accommodate comfortably to the shape of your shoulders. Thanks to a special Shoulder Balance System (SBS), your shoulders can sink gently into the mattress so that your shoulders and neck are balanced and relaxed. The lumbar area of your back is actively supported and gently raised by a special lumbar support feature (with the ABS AirBox System or DAS Pressure Balance System). Air channels in the core of the mattress – in combination with a lining made of wool, silk or climate fibres – act as microclimate regulators for your bed.
SWISS SLEEP Technology SST by riposa ensures that you lie in an anatomically correct position while you sleep and can relax fully and wake up feeling refreshed, healthy and fit.