The highest of standards for the selection of materials and production processes

Pure new wool


riposa uses high-quality sheep’s wool providing soft, cosy comfort and perfect regulation of humidity. It creates the ideal bed microclimate and adjusts to both warm and cold temperatures.




Silk imparts luxurious comfort to your sleep experience. Its soft, light fibres act to regulate temperature and are cooling in summer and warming in winter.


Climate fibre


Climate fibre linings are highly resilient and durable and have extremely good insulation and ventilation properties. They facilitate humidity regulation and airflow. Linings made of climate fibre can be washed at up to 60° and are suitable for people who are allergic to animal or plant-derived fibres.


Horse hair


riposa uses this traditional material for mattress upholstery in combination with other materials and technically processes it so it requires no special upkeep (by you).




New, fine goose down is a completely natural product. It is particularly soft, elastic and breathable. Thanks to its consistency, down easily absorbs moisture and releases it back into the environment. It gives you a constant feeling of well-being while you are asleep – whatever the temperature or the season. 




Ingeo is produced from the starch in maize fibres. It is particularly stable and elastic. As Ingeo maize fibres evaporate rather than absorb moisture, they are extremely breathable and provide a dry sleeping atmosphere. Although Ingeo is produced synthetically, it remains an entirely natural product and is suitable for allergy sufferers. 




HRC – High Resilience Climate is a highly elastic mattress material with revolutionary climate resilience. The production of EvoPoreHRC foam requires 20% less raw materials than traditional cold foam mattresses. EvoPoreHRC meets the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, CertiPUR Standard and is CFC free.





Latex is a noble natural product that is made from natural rubber, which is a fully renewable, sustainable raw material. It offers particularly good point-by-point elasticity for increased lying comfort, relieves pressure, is extremely soft and prevents circulatory problems as well as being breathable.




For perfect hygiene and optimal humidity regulation. riposa linings which bear the “swisswool” label have a guaranteed high content of top quality Swiss wool. They are easy to care for, washable, breathable and hygienic and provide lasting sleep comfort and well-being. swisswool linings by riposa fulfil the following quality criteria:

• washable • non-toxic • ecological • keep their shape • breathable • hygienic