Slatted bases

In sleep we seek rest and recuperation. For this to be possible, we need to lie on the mattress in the correct position and feel completely comfortable. The back support mattress and base, known as the sleep system, play an important role in this. At riposa, mattresses and bases (Flex) are perfectly matched. Only with the appropriate base can the mattress provide its optimum functionality and offer the highest level of sleep comfort.


The Flex, also known as the base, is more than just a slatted frame. It perfectly supports and conforms to the relevant points of each area of the body. In conjunction with the mattress, the Flex enables the body to find the perfect ergonomic lying position.


Our bases fit in every bed and offer perfect support for the mattress. With runners or feet, the Flex can also easily be made into a bed. Depending on the model, the base can be adjusted manually or using a high-tech bed controller to achieve the ideal lying, relaxing or sitting position.