At night, the human need for warmth, peace and security is at its strongest. The desire for deep and restful sleep makes your bed the most personal place in the world.


The Boxspring mattress goes together perfectly with the high-quality padded Boxspring base bed unit. The combination of the base bed unit and upper bed unit and careful division according to body areas as well as the fine contouring provided by both elements when used as a system give rise to the special riposa cradling sensation. This means that all requirements of the riposa ASL principle (contouring, support, ventilation) for a correct body position are also fulfilled.


The range of riposa upper bed units have extremely comfortable ergonomically designed pocket springs for contouring and support in the right places. The high-quality, precisely manufactured linings made from Swiss pure new wool (swisswool), comfort foam padding and latex provide supple relief for pressure points and good ventilation.

For natural relaxation at night – and a strong back during the day.